AS house

While the location of the house is in a rural area, the client’s wish was to design a house with a natural look with the surrounding. Metal sheets and wood used for the facade with a two story living room in the inside covered with a glass facade. Bedrooms are located up on the first floor under the sloped roof.

Sirena Restaurant

The initial idea for this project was to bring up a new redesigned and rebranded interior for the new location of the restaurant, where we had to take elements from the water world. Details like the tail of the siren and suspended ceiling with fisherman’s rope are some of details used in our design concept.

HD Apartment

Renovation of a small apartment for a four family member, with small changes adapted to the new design, more sunlight and warm colors.

BH House

Renovation of an old house with sloped roof. The request of the investor was to provide new spaces for the next generation, a play room and a master bedroom with a view. The facade is redesigned with flat roof and cubic form.

RH House

Tiny house for a four family members. The living space in the ground floor is connected with the backyard where the swimming pool takes place. The attic is used for bedrooms and small home office.

BM Residence

The initial idea for this project was a residence in a sloped terrain with an infinity outdoor swimming pool, a ventilated façade and an opened gallery at the dining room. Extended terrace with access to the garden.

DL House Interior

The request of the client was to design an open floor plan where the dining room has a high ceiling and clean design. Natural lightning stands out and in the first floor the bedrooms take place, connection from the big hallway.

MI CASA Spa and Conference

Part of the hotel MI CASA is the conference room and its own SPA and relax space for its clients. The conference room has capacity for 40 guests and the spa center has massage room, Turkish bath, sauna and Jacuzzi offering a good place to relax and enjoy the view of the city.

MI CASA Hotel Rooms

The hotel is a total renovation of an existing building, everything is changed from inside and whole new floor is added so we could meet the requirements for the new hotel rooms and spa. While the hotel is situated at the old part of the city near the Castle the facade is worked with traditional materials like bricks and mortar. The interior design is a combination of the traditional and modern architecture.

NIKK Apartment

Our client requirement was to design an apartment that is related to his profession. So we used lights and shapes inspired from the sound waves.