EB House

The request of the investor was to provide spaces for living and relaxing, so in the basement has taken place swimming pool with Jacuzzi and sauna, at the ground floor is the living space with kitchen and stairs for the next level for the bedrooms and playing activities and the rooftop terrace is for the master bedroom with a view.

Vehicle Inspection and Service

Based on the need of the investor we had to design a vehicle inspection center with a car service. The most important part of this type of building is the canal for inspection with all the needed technology and machinery.

Agricultural Complex GOLD LAND

The GOLD LAND livestock farming complex located in the village of Slavej, Prilep will cover a total area of 300.000 m2, envisioning the construction of a modern farm that meets the highest European standards for cattle breeding. In the first phase on an area of 100.000 m2, with a production of 1080 young bulls the first year and an initial capacity of 4,000 tons silos for the collection of various crops. This complex aims to contribute directly to the development of livestock and the reduction of meat imports.

B1 Villa

The layout of the villa is based on the requirements of the investor, the orientation with maximum use of the perspective, which given place provides and contact with the city panorama of Tetovo.

Dielli House

The initial idea for this project was to merge with the mountain, to nestle into the terrain until it becomes one with the residence. The result was the creation of a family home with an abundant sense of space and light.

A+M Mixed Building

The building is divided into two functions, the basement and ground floor belong to the commercial part while the first floor and the attic are part of the living space.

JAV Showroom and Offices

Design a showroom and offices for the needs of ceramic tiles company JAV. Exterior ventilated facade, round corners with glass and brise-soleil. Natural look materials used, making it easier to fit with the surrounding.

South Gate Commercial and Offices

The building is situated on the south of the city of Tetovo. The glass facades create a new light and clear look of the building and also of the whole atmosphere inside.

H+L Residence

Renovation of the existing building and designing the new part of the residence by transforming the exterior facade and new destination of the existing spaces.