Broiler farms JG

The design of the broiler farms in Stence is modern and functional, with a focus on sustainability and efficiency. The buildings are spacious and well-ventilated, providing a comfortable and healthy environment for the chickens. The farm also uses advanced technology and equipment to ensure the health and well-being of the birds.
One of the key features of the design is the use of renewable energy sources to power the farm. The buildings are equipped with photovoltaic panels, which generate electricity from the sun, reducing the farm’s reliance on fossil fuels and lowering its carbon footprint.

Administration and freezing warehouse

The proposed building is a multi-purpose facility that will house both administrative offices and a freezing warehouse. It will be located in a strategic location, making it easy for the administration to oversee the operations of the warehouse. The building will be modern and functional, with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

One of the most striking features of the building will be its roof, which will be covered with photovoltaic panels. These panels will generate electricity from the sun, helping to power the building and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. The use of renewable energy will not only reduce the building’s carbon footprint, but it will also save on energy costs in the long run.

The freezing warehouse will be state-of-the-art, with advanced technology and equipment to ensure that the products stored inside are kept at the appropriate temperature. The warehouse will be spacious and well-organized, with easy access for loading and unloading goods.

In addition to the freezing warehouse and administrative offices, the building will also have a number of amenities for employees and visitors. There will be a cafeteria, store and conference rooms, as well as parking for cars and bikes. The building will also be accessible for individuals with disabilities, with ramps, elevators, and other accommodations.

Overall, the proposed building with an administrative office and freezing warehouse is a modern and sustainable facility that will support the operations of the company and reduce its impact on the environment.

Vehicle Inspection and Service

Based on the need of the investor we had to design a vehicle inspection center with a car service. The most important part of this type of building is the canal for inspection with all the needed technology and machinery.

Agricultural Complex GOLD LAND

The GOLD LAND livestock farming complex located in the village of Slavej, Prilep will cover a total area of 300.000 m2, envisioning the construction of a modern farm that meets the highest European standards for cattle breeding. In the first phase on an area of 100.000 m2, with a production of 1080 young bulls the first year and an initial capacity of 4,000 tons silos for the collection of various crops. This complex aims to contribute directly to the development of livestock and the reduction of meat imports.