Natura Resort

Located in the forests, the complex itself brings up the silhouette of Sharri Mountain, quiet and a relaxing moments for the tourists makes it a hidden gem to be revealed. Sustainable design with green roofs and materials who are part of the traditional architecture, by enhancing the experience of the magnificent natural scenery with bold architecture.
Tourism architecture shapes the landscape in the long run. As a result, the esthetic value, as well as the indulgence quality of a region is improved by architecture. High value buildings can be seen as the basis for the touristic success of a destination, and therefore influence its economy and society.

Kimi Showroom and Warehouse

The initial idea for this project was to design the new offices and warehouse for the electrical company KIMI, where most of the front facade has to be illuminated and bring on the light by night, covered by red perforated metal sheets.

Il Monte

Request from the investor was to design mixed commercial and office building. Where the ground floor is designed to be multifunctional and the first floor is where the offices with glass partition take place. The second floor is reserved for penthouse apartments with big terraces for the residents to enjoy the view.

A+M Mixed Building

The building is divided into two functions, the basement and ground floor belong to the commercial part while the first floor and the attic are part of the living space.

JAV Showroom and Offices

Design a showroom and offices for the needs of ceramic tiles company JAV. Exterior ventilated facade, round corners with glass and brise-soleil. Natural look materials used, making it easier to fit with the surrounding.

South Gate Commercial and Offices

The building is situated on the south of the city of Tetovo. The glass facades create a new light and clear look of the building and also of the whole atmosphere inside.